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Purchasing New Homes In Pennsylvania – A Buyer's Guide

New Homes PA

Finding the right property to buy tends to be more of a challenge than a smooth-sailing experience. Several factors contribute to the challenge. However, looking for new homes in Pennsylvania need not be a challenge, provided the people have a basic knowledge of house types and prices. Here are some valuable pieces of information for anyone who wants to purchase a new home. 

Why is having one's own house essential?

What is the motivation behind people who rush to check out the homes for sale in pa? If people are ready to avail of large loans for the sake of an owned property, there must be some solid reasons for it. 

  • Designing freedom: Unlike a rented space, in an owned property, a person has the freedom to decorate, design, and alter any part of the house as they please. 
  • Stop moving around: Without an owned house, there is a lot of shifting between homes as agreements expire. It leaves the tenant with uncertainty. An owned house puts an end to this cycle and introduces stability. 
  • Tax benefits: Homeownership is encouraged by the federal government. Hence, new owners of houses in pa can avail of tax benefits by deducting their mortgage interest from income tax returns.
  • Socialize better: Residing in a rented property does not allow much time to get close to the community. But an owned property provides a permanent residence and can mingle and connect with the neighborhood.
  • Owner's pride: Buying one of the new homes in Pennsylvania is a huge financial goal for many families. When a person accomplishes such a monumental goal, it is often accompanied by a feeling of pride that is unparalleled. 
  • Financial safety: Owning a property is a great investment option. Houses in pa have a good appreciating value. As house prices continue to rise, homeowners can relax, knowing that they have sufficient financial security.
  • Build equity: Equity is the difference between the house's market value and the amount the owner owes in a mortgage. As the homeowner pays the mortgage, the equity grows.
  • Fixed monthly expenses: While the rent for a house can increase, homeowners can use fixed-rate mortgages on owned homes to pay the same amount every month. 


Properties under sale – an insight

People who are looking to buy property can choose between different types of homes. Residential properties under sale can be of three kinds – old houses, the ones under-construction, and ready-to-move-in homes. 

Old homes

Old homes are those that are already under the possession of a different owner. If the buyer can find a home that suits their liking, it is a feasible choice. If not, there will be a lot of renovation work to transform the home. Old homes generally contain traditional styles of construction and design. Thus, if the buyer is keen on giving the house a more modern look, he should be ready to shell out more money.

  Properties under-construction

In under-construction homes, the buyer can look at their future home as it is being built. Houses of this kind offer certain advantages. The client can customize the interiors and alter the plans. Payment options are flexible too. The only risk with an under-construction home is that the buyer may have to wait for a long time before they can move in. Also, development costs can build up as the construction prolongs. 

Ready-to-move-in homes

The long wait for possession of an under-construction home can be avoided in a ready to move in property. The buyer has the exact view of what they are specifically buying. Ready to move in homes make it easy to assess loan eligibility. Also, the buyer gets to inspect the quality of the house. As it is a completed project, costs rarely escalate. The limitation of this type of home is the buyer cannot make any drastic alterations to such a house. 

While it may be tempting to buy an old home due to lesser cost, experts recommend looking for new homes in Pennsylvania. An old house is likely to need repair work and replacements. In the end, the costs would only add up. On the other hand, one can avoid such costs while purchasing a newly built property. 

Factors that affect property under sale

As buyers start their house hunting journey, it does not take long to realize that houses for sale fall into a wide range of prices. Some properties are dirt cheap, whereas, for others, the prices reach the sky. Here are a few factors that decide the prices of new homes pa

  • Home size: The size of a home and its price are directly proportional. If the house has a more usable space, it will naturally cost more. A house's value is evaluated with a price per square foot. 
  • Location: The value of a house depends on the kind of neighborhood it belongs to. The primary indicators to consider are – nearby schools, recreational centers, shopping facilities, and employment opportunities. 
  • Age: Typically, new homes in Pennsylvania have a higher value. The home's essential parts, such as plumbing, electric connections, and the roof, have a sufficiently long warranty period in brand new homes. 
  • Home improvements: If the seller has recently added upgrades to the home, its value can increase. Generally, adding new flooring, swimming pool, and renovating the kitchen increase the house price.
  • Neighbor camps: The term 'comps' refers to the neighborhood homes that influence a particular home's prices. If a house is surrounded by properties that were recently sold at a high price, it positively influences its value. 

Another unusual feature that affects the value of a house is cases of unnatural death on the property. When sellers disclose news of death on the property, most people start looking for homes elsewhere.

Steps to buying the best property

Spotting the best home and purchasing it does not happen overnight. It consists of a series of processes. The steps involved in the process are detailed below. 

Selecting a home/site

Based on several factors such as the buyer's budget, preferred location, and home-style, one must look around and filter out suitable houses from those for sale. 

Inspection of the home

If the buyer is purchasing a pre-built or ready to move in property, one must conduct a thorough inspection of all the property parts before finalizing it. 

The payment option

Some people can afford to buy new homes in Pennsylvania with full payment from their pockets. If that is not a feasible option, then one must start looking for mortgage loans. 

If the buyer submits the necessary financial information, the lender can verify it and pre-approve the loan. A pre-approval letter is a sign that the buyer is serious about the purchase. 

Signing the sale agreement

Generally, a small percentage of the home's base price should be paid while signing the sale agreement. If it is not a pre-built home, this is where the construction begins. There will be a walk-through before the house is handed to the customer. 

Loan approval

Now, the buyer has a clear picture of the house they are buying. Thus, it is time to apply for loan approval. 


It is the final step in the process. Here, the buyer gets the keys and can claim ownership over the property. Buyers who are new to the field or do not have extensive knowledge of real estate can hire professionals to guide them through the steps. They help with cracking the best deal that a person is viable.

Self-inspecting the home is quite different from hiring a professional. Only a professional can spot the structural errors and repair work that the house needs.

Homes for Sale in PA

Points to remember

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while buying new homes in Pennsylvania.

  • Think long-term: The state has laws on how to treat property owned by a married couple. Unmarried people who want to purchase a home with their partner should consider how things might turn out in the long-term. 
  • Cost of fixes: People generally tend to disregard the labor costs involved in repairs. With homes that require significant repair work, the costs hardly stop at the purchase. One should consider whether the repairs fall within the budget.
  • Clear title: Do some background research on the seller as well as the property. Be sure of their reputation before engaging in business talks with the seller. 
  • Market forecast: A property is often seen as an investment for the future. Thus, one must consider the local forecast for the home that they want to invest in. It will help to go through the varieties available.


Buying new homes in Pennsylvania involves a lot of money, paperwork, documentation, and interaction with several professionals in the field. A cautious buyer would also want to have a lawyer by their side. Therefore, experts advise not to rush through the process as even a single mistake can cost a lot. Although it is time-consuming, all the efforts will eventually pay off. 

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